Virtual Conference
Food Science 2023

Vishal Patil

Jain (Deemed-to-be University) Bangalore, India

Title: Cost-Effective application for Formulating Livestock Rations


A Proper nutritional animal feeding has a direct impact on livestock health and welfare. As a result, developing optimal nutritional feed is an important aspect of livestock farming, Feed formulation is the process of combining various ingredients in the proportions required to provide the animal with the proper amount of nutrients required at a specific stage of production.  The intensification of livestock production, largely based on the use of industrial compound feed. Current farming practices rely heavily on grain, particularly corn and soybeans. These ingredients make up a major portion of conventional and manual animal feed because they supply the essential protein and carbohydrates for rapidly bringing animals to market weight. It is essential to know the significance of these nutrients in animal feed. Animal disease control, as well as feed and fodder shortages, are the most pressing issues in animal husbandry. Farmers frequently encounter the following issues. (a) meeting the Nutrientrequirement for the livestock animal, (b) The amount of feed that must be supplied every day to boost productivity, (c) Feed ingredient costs must be kept under control. To overcome these issues Precision livestock farming is practiced.

Precision livestock farming (PLF) is the extension of the improved agriculture concept to animal farming and uses a wide range of technology and tools to improve the management of larger groups of animals. The PLF is based on real-time data processing and data collection that can be used to manage flocks and animals. Some of the PLF tools available in the market are AFOS, BESTMIX, WinFeed, Farm4Trade, AgriExpo, Nio feed, A-systems and more. The usage of PLF increases efficiency, which is particularly important for lowering farm waste and the number of animals needed to generate the same amount of output, enhancing farm sustainability financially and environmentally. 

But these tools are not user friendly, are of high cost and difficult to understand by local farmers due to the language barriers. Additionally, due to a lack of knowledge, accessibility, and fundamental computer skills, the majority of small dairy farmers have not utilised existing software to its full potential. To overcome these draw backs the formulation can be done using simple tools like Microsoft Excel, which are easily accessible, free 
and user friendly. Excel VBA is a simple and versatile programming language capable of producing useful additions to Excel’s functional capabilities. This application is made to be simple enough to use by regular farmers. Numerous types of software have been created to address animal nutrient needs and feed cost reduction. No specialized knowledge or high-end software are needed for this application. 


Dr Vishal Patil is expertise in developing and designing least cost LP & stochastic models and creating user friendly application in Microsoft Excel & android platform. He has built these models after years of experience in research, evaluation, teaching and administration in education institutions. He has completed consultancy projects for ICAR-NIANP institutions and some of the international projects. He has published peer-reviewed international papers. He is working as Assistant Professor of Mathematics in Faculty of Engineering & Technology, Jain (Deemed-to-be University) Bangalore. He has research collaboration with NIANP Bangalore.