Virtual Conference
Food Science 2023

Suad Al Manji

Head of risk management department (MOE), Oman

Title: Impact of Disasters and climate changes on Fisheries Sectors and its Implications for Oman food security


The fisheries sector in Oman is a major contributor to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), employment, and food security. Artisanal fishing is the main fisheries activity in the country, but aquaculture is also growing rapidly and playing an increasingly important role in the sector. Unfortunately, the sector is vulnerable to disasters and climate change, which can lead to reduced catches, revenue, and food security. To reduce these impacts, proactive strategies must be implemented to increase the resilience of the fisheries sector.

This includes strengthening the governance and management of the sector, as well as developing strategies that focus on increasing the sector’s preparedness in the face of disasters and climate change. It is essential that the Omani government takes the necessary steps to ensure that the fisheries sector remains strong, secure, and resilient.


Suad AL Manji, a PhD graduate from the University of Leeds in the field of disaster management, has published several research works on disaster management and resilience in Oman. She is the head of risk management department  in the ministry of education, Oman.