Virtual Conference
Food Science 2023


SNS College of Technology, India

Title: Sensor-Based Smart Agriculture System (SenSA)


Traditional agriculture is transforming into smart agriculture due to the prominence of the Internet of Things (IoT). Low cost and low power are the key factors to make any IoT network useful and acceptable to farmers. In the olden days, Farmers used to figure out the ripeness of soil and influenced suspicions to develop which kind of yield. They didn't think about the humidity, level of water, and especially climate conditions which are terrible for a farmer increasingly. The Internet of Things (IoT) solves the major challenges faced by farmers in today’s Agriculture & this is how it leads to Smart farming. With this developed system (SenSA), the irrigation requirement at the field is determined remotely based on the sensors incorporated in the system such as Soil moisture, Soil pH, Temperature, and controlling irrigation equipment. In addition to this, the system determines the crop parameters like height and distance. The system will also be able to predict the changes in the properties of soil and the crop yield which is very much helpful in monitoring the yield capacity of the field.
In SenSA, IITH Mote which can communicate the data gathered from the system with a rate of lesser power consumption is incorporated. 

We have evaluated our network with state-of-the-art networks, proposed for agriculture monitoring. Power and cost are the two metrics used for the evaluation of these networks. Results show that the proposed network consumes less power and has on average 83% prolonged lifetime at a lower cost compared to the previously proposed network in the agriculture field.


Muthuminal.R has completed her M.E and currently pursuing her PhD from Anna University, Chennai. She has secured a position as 27 th university rank holder in her UG and 41st university rank holder in her PG. She is currently working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Agricultural Engineering at SNS College of Technology, Coimbatore, India affiliated with Anna University, Chennai, India. In the past academic year, she has published around 10 papers and 3 book chapters and also she has received several awards like the All-rounder performer award, Innovative Technologist (Civil Engineering), and Teaching Professional Award. She has an Indian patent published under her name and she has been serving as a reviewer for reputed journals.