Virtual Conference
Food Science 2023

M P Suresh

University of Madras, India

Title: Bioactive Compounds And Derivatives Of Select Spices And Its Application In Neutraceuticals Beneficial To Human Health- An Indian Perspective


India is fast becoming an active hub neutraceuticals and likely to reach a higher trajectory of growth potential by 2030  to a 100 billion  dollar industry* from the current growth rate of over 26 percent. There was holistic change  Post-Covid 19 pandemic with a wide number of Indians  switching over to basic neutraceuticals that enabled to touch the present vertical.

The medicinal farming sector is vibrant in its 52 Agro-climatic zones with nearly about 1700 medicinal plants to propel the current potential in the neutraceutical segment. Besides, India has become a focus of  vast number of world-class GMP facilities in the Formulation ecosystem with additional high-end neutraceutical manufacturing facilities. 

The differentiated responsible neutraceutical portfolios need to be drawn up along with clinical validation outcomes to bring in moré awareness among the consumers. At the current pace and trend, India is likely to offer wealth of opportunities for the neutraceutical industry outside the USA.

Today the preferences and purchasing habits of consumers have undergone a transition extending to the food and healthcare  segment  and turn their focus to botanical and herbal solutions in the wake of a turbulent 2020. From 2021 onwards, Immune health has become synonymous with maintaining a healthy lifestyle giving importance to metabolism for heath management. 

The new changing factors in healthscape like gut health, heart health, brain health and so on  have also brought in changes in the product formulation and product offering in the area. 

New technologies like cold-water dispersion, Polar-Non-polar Sandwich (PNS) technology  introduced in the neutraceutical industry  help to preserve functional properties, improve the stability of compounds, enhance health benefits and control the release of bioactive compounds at desired time and specific target of neutraceuticals.  

New horizons that will contribute to advanced research in the field of Spices primarily leading to have detox potential, strategic nutrition for organ health and holistic health solutions have to be focused upon for the future sustenance of the neutraceutical industry.