Virtual Conference
Food Science 2023

Lyudmila Ovsyannikova

Bashkir State Medical University, Russian Federation

Title: Hygienic assessment of students' nutrition


For the purpose of hygienic assessment of the nutrition quality of rural educational institutions students, we conducted a survey of 876 students. It is established that the diet of students does not meet the requirements of rational nutrition. In particular, 56.6% of respondents do not follow a diet in one way or another, 72.8% of students eat fast food, 12.4% do not follow 3-4 meals, and the proportion of girls is much higher. Of the respondents, 48.5% of students drink alcohol. The proportion of alcohol-containing beverages increases with an increase in the training period. 17.3% of respondents noted a deterioration in nutrition over the past year, and among first–year students - 19.9%. 27.9% of respondents limit themselves in nutrition, the main reason is lack of time (13.6%). Against this background, only 15.0% of students from all respondents regularly take multivitamins, and 26.9% do not take them, very rarely – 36.5%. A third (27.4%) of the surveyed students report the presence of chronic diseases, 20% of them – diseases of the digestive system. 


Dr. Lyudmila Ovsyannikova, professor, hygienist. She is the Head of the Department of Medical and Preventive Medicine of the Institute of Additional Professional Education. Research interests include human wellness and human adaptation to environmental influences, as well as health risk assessment.