Virtual Conference
Food Science 2023


The University of Haripur, Pakistan

Title: Taurine protects against axonal damage in the sciatic nerves of diabetic rats


The main pathological characteristic of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy (DPN) in Type 2 Diabetes is damage to the myelin sheath of peripheral nerves due to apoptosis of Schwann cells (SCs). Taurine has been suggested to potentially improve DPN by preventing SCs apoptosis. To investigate this, a study was conducted on Sprague Dawley rats with induced diabetes, divided into various groups as control, diabetes suffering, and diabetes suffering taurine treated groups. RSC96 cells were also used for in vitro experiments. The results demonstrated that taurine treatment corrected the degeneration in the myelin sheath and prevented apoptosis ins SCs of the sciatic nerve in the diabetic rats, while also preventing apoptosis in RSC96 cells exposed to the high glucose. As far as the mechanism is concerned, taurine was found to up-regulate the expression of NGF and increase the phosphorylation of Akt along with GSK3?, and the blocking of these pathways causes a rise in the apoptosis in RSC 96 cells exposed to high glucose. The findings suggested that taurine may be an effective treatment for DPN through controlling apoptosis in SCs through signaling of NGF/Akt/GSK3? pathways.

Key Words: Taurine, Apoptosis, Schwann Cells, Diabetes, Sciatic Nerve