Virtual Conference

Gabriela Rapeanu

University of Galati, Romania

Title: Convective dried grape pomace with lactic acid bacteria as a potential nutraceutical


In this study, the influence of convective drying at different temperatures (40°C, 45°C and 50°C) on the Băbească Neagră pomace with lactic acid bacteria were investigated. The red grape pomace purée samples were analyzed before and after drying and during storage for cell viability. Fick’s second law was used to calculate the effective moisture diffusivity (Deff) at each temperature, whereas the Arrhenius relation was used to estimate the activation energy (Ea). The activation energies values were 29.366 kJ/mol. The phytochemical profile of the samples was analyzed, highlighting the highest levels of bioactive in the powders dried at 45°C. The lactic acid bacteria viable cells content decreased with 2 Log during drying, allowing to obtain powders with a minimum 7.0 log CFU/g dry weight after 14 days of storage at 4°C. The powders obtained by drying at 45°C were selected for advanced phytochemical profile, revealing a wide spectrum of polyphenolics. 


Gabriela Rapeanu is Professor at the Faculty of Food Science and Engineering (FSE), Dunarea de Jos University of Galați. She teaches courses on food safety and food quality, winemaking, food adulteration, etc. She has competence on assessment the process-structure-function-products relationship of targeted biologically active compounds, valorisation of highly nutritional and functional by-products from food industry, microencapsulation of active ingredients and application of microencapsulation for the safe delivery of bioactive in food system.