Virtual Conference
Food Science 2023

Benaouf zohra

Mascara University, Algeria

Title: Valorization of the Seeds (Almonds and Oil) of the Spontaneous Argan of Tindouf and the Other Experimental Domesticated Argan of Mostaganem in Algeria


The aim of the research was to determine the phytochemical and parameters of argan oil and almonds. We are interested in following the formation of volatile compounds in argan oil and also the determination of antioxidants; the purpose was mainly to identify and quantify the antioxidants to meet this objective, two samples of argan oil from the almonds of Tindouf taxa and Mostaganem taxa. The results show that the argan rich in phenolic compounds deserve to be exploited as much as nutritional and pharmaceutical supplements because of their antioxidant properties, which can surely contribute to the safeguarding of the argan tree.