Virtual Conference
Food Science 2023

Amit Keshav

National Institute of Technology, India

Title: Recovery ofvalue-added nutraceuticals from argi waste residues for its application in food fortification


Current day world being hit by pandemic all time high recently, made us realise the importance and role of food and nutrition for a healthy immune system. Though, we the millennials are very much knowledgeable on what we eat and consume, the need for food fortification is a crucial step to be aimed for a healthy generation to come forth. Though the existence of bioactive compounds in fruits and vegetables is known from ages, their use in food industry has started to emerge recently. Bioactive compounds are essential nutritive compounds (e.g., vitamins or polyphenols) that occur in nature, which are a part of the food chain that has an influence on human health. Bioactive compounds of plant extracts as functional foods would potentially forge its place in the market from a health point of view. This new era put forth a huge demand for food fortification (nutraceutical infused) prior COVID-19, so, it is a great time for us to tailor the food, as every food we consume is a medicine.

Producing food to meet the consumer ends of exponentially growing population while combating the climatic changes throughout the world is a challenging mission. Despite this, globally billions of tonnes of agricultural and foods wastes that are rich in bioactive compounds, valuable nutrientswere dumped to landfill. Only a few percent of this waste are being processed for agricultural by-products. Immediate action needs to be taken for exploring agri-waste to its fullest potential which can be further be used as nutraceuticals or as a food ingredient. Conventionally employed extraction techniques used for the recovery of bioactive compounds are ineffective and time taking.This study aims at valorisation of agricultural waste using ultrasound assisted extraction and microwave assisted recovery of nutraceutical compounds, that are to be incorporated in a ready to serve beverage. The stability of these fortificants and shelf-life studies of the functional beverage are also studied.

Keywords: Bioactive compounds, agricultural waste, microwave assisted extraction,fortification