Virtual Conference
Food Science 2023

Olukotun, G. B

National Biotechnology Development Agency, Nigeria

Title: Assessment Of The Effects Of Backsloping On Some Starter Culture Strains And The Organoleptic Qualities Of Their Yoghurt Products


Fermented milk is an essential commodity in Africa and beyond. Many techniques have been developed over time for the manufacture of different forms of yoghurt products. One of these methods includes backslopping. The advantages of this method include faster fermentation rates due to reduction in lag time, and subsequent production of relevant metabolites as well as allowing for a more reliable product formation on a consistent basis. Backsloping offers relive to small-scale industries in the hinterland because, it is often not feasible for the rural folds to afford neither the frozen starter culture concentrates nor the skills and expertise required to multiply them. Therefore, the aim of this study was to apply the method in order to better understand its effects on the microbial community as well as on the organoleptic characteristics of the yoghurts produced using the method. We characterized yoghurts produced from three previous preparations (backslope) respectively. The results showed that backsloping up to three-fold (batch) gave increasing acceptance but decreased afterwards. Acidification activity which determines proteolysis of kappa casein for coagulation to take place also increased up to three folds. Residual lactose, syneresis and moisture content also decreased favourably by three- fold order. Therefore, backsloping could be recommended on commercial level especially in the developing countries where facilities for consistent supply of pouched starter culture are limited. Aside this, the process favours the growth of bacteria which release antimicrobial substances thereby ensuring the growth of the same species while reducing the growth of other organisms thereby preserving the products’ quality. The model from this work could be used to study the dynamics of the microbial community associated with back-slopping practices and the understanding of possible associated defects in order to allow better control over the application of the method on commercial basis.

Keywords: Backsloping, Dynamics, Effects, Yoghurt and acidification