Food Science 2021

Janet Jasmín Rodríguez García

Professor, Central University of Venezuela, Caracas, Venezuela


Janet J. Rodríguez G. has completed her degree in Clinical Nutrition in Endocrinology and Metabolism at the Central University of Venezuela, Caracas Venezuela. She is a clinical dietitian nutritionist, teacher of the Department of Public Health Sciences in the field of Food Hygiene and Food Security since 2007 at that University.

Has a Diploma in Medical Nutritional Therapy, a national certification to teach Courses of Hygiene and Food Handling and Good Manufacturing Practices Course. AIB International.

She attended a course in Ethics in Medicine at the Central University of Venezuela, which is why she is widely considered a bioethicist.

Has participated as a speaker and organizer in various nutrition congresses in Venezuela.

Reaearch Interest

She is currently conducting research on the pH of food and its effects on health, and participates in Non-Governmental Organizations to support Food Security programs for school children.