Virtual Conference
Food Science 2023


Agronomic and Veterinary Institute Hassan II, Morocco

Title: Valorization Technologies of Marine By-Products


Generally, in different countries, strategies to improve food security have focused on increasing food production, which contributes to climate pollution and increases stress on scarce natural resources such as water and land. Due to the increase of world population (estimated to be 9 milliards in 2050), to the limited biological resources and to the increase of environmental pollution, there is a need in innovation in food industry. This can be done by improving food quality through new technologies for valorization of food and food by-products. Several technologies for transforming marine resources exist but also numerous are technologies for producing high value-added products from the by-products generated by these industrial processes. Thus, the valorization of marine by-products is now an obligation to assure the world food security and to satisfy the growing demand for fishery products. This presentation will focus on giving the main valorisation technologies of marine resources, the recovery possibilities of by-products in industrial processes and the list of the new technologies of their valorisation.


Hind MKADEM is a Professor at the Agronomic and Veterinary Institute Hassan II, Rabat (IAV HASSAN II).

She has obtained her PHD in Food and Nutritional Sciences from the same institution indicated above, working on: "Biochemical characterization of common sardine fillets (Sardina pilchardus, walbaum 1792) and valorization of its cooked by-products from the canning process”. She holds also an Engineering degree in Agricultural and Food Industries form IAV Hassan II and a Research Master's degree from Aix Marseille II University in Biotechnology for sustainable development.

Hind MKADEL has more than 10 years of professional experience in seafood processing industries (canning, freezing, fish meal and oil and fishing, etc) and several scientific publications, participations and communications in national and international conferences.