Track: Nutrition and Fitness

Food Science 2024


Nutrition is employed to review the Physical and Chemical structure of nutrients and other substances in food to extend maintenance, reproduction, health, and disease of an organism. Nutrition studies communication between living organisms and food. Nutrients are objects in food supplement required by the body for growth, energy and maintenance. 

Exercise, healthy living practices, and alternative medical treatments also are often accepted by Health Choice. 

·         Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity
·        Food and Nutritional Immunology
·        Food and Nutritional Metabolomics
Sports Nutrition may be a rapidly growing field of study that mixes knowledge of exercise science and human nutrition. Kinesiology is that the study of motion or human movement. Utilizations of kinesiology in human-wellbeing incorporate physical training educator, fitness, rehabilitation, and safety, health advancement, working environments, exercise, sport and enterprises.
·         Maintenance of Body Composition
·         Sports Nutrition Supplements
·         Maintenance of Energy Balance
·         Sports Food and Energy Drinks
·         Whey Protein Nutrition
·         Physical Fitness