Virtual Conference

Track: Food and Nutraceuticals

Food Science 2022


Nutrition begins with foodNutrition is that the process by which the physical body nourishes itself by transforming intake foods into energy and body tissues. The science of nutrition concerns everything the body does with food to hold on its functions. Food provides essential substances called nutrients. The body needs these nutrients to assist it make energy; to grow, repair, and maintain its tissues; and to stay its different systems working smoothly. Nutrition is vital for all organisms. However, this text will specialize in nutrition because it applies to the physical body.

The term nutrition also can ask the standard of someone’s food choices, or diet. A diet is one during which foods eaten on a daily basis provide all the nutrients needed within the right amounts. A diet has many benefits. It can help people feel and appearance their best. It also can help them stay energetic and healthy, both within the short term and later in life.