Virtual Conference

Track: Food Engineering

Food Science 2022


Food engineering reviews cover all engineering conditions of today’s food research project and therefore the food industry. Coverage establishes on a classic also as current novel food engineering topics, exploring such crucial factors because the health, nutritional, and environmental aspects of food preparation. The method requires synthetically created DNA that mimics commonly occurring DNA in other organisms. Scientists take the gene for a coveted trait in one plant or animal, and that they insert that gene into a cell of another plant or animal. Some people need to assert concerns about commonly engineered foods, such as: Creating foods which will cause an allergy or that are harmful, Unexpected or harmful genetic changes, Genes moving from one GM plant or animal to a different plant or animal that's not commonly engineered, foods that are less nutritious This avoids announce other genes with undesirable traits. Gene-splicing also helps in speeding up the method of making new foods with covet traits.

·  Energy for food processing
·  Food Safety Management Systems
·  Three-dimensional printing of food
·  Food distributing
·  storing food