Track: Food Bio-Actives and Food Additives

Food Science 2024


Food Bioactive compounds are extra nutritional constituents that typically occur in small quantities in foods. In summary, numerous bioactive compounds appear to have beneficial health effects. Much scientific research needs to be conducted before we can begin to make science-based dietary recommendations.

Food Additives are substances primarily added to processed foods, or other foods produced on an industrial scale, for technical purposes, e.g. to improve safety, increase the amount of time a food can be stored, or modify sensory properties of food.

·         Food Structure & Quality
·         Food Stabilizing Agents
·         Food Colorant & Emulsifiers
·         Food SensoryFlavor Enhancers
·         Need & Risk Analysis for Food Additives
·         Food Carbohydrates & Food Lipid: Structures & it’s Interacti
·         Food Supplements, Colloids & Polymers
·         Energy Metabolism of Food Starch & its Sugars
·         Functional Food & Bio-active Factors
·         Antibiotics Vs Food Probiotics