Virtual Conference

Track: Dairy Science & Technology

Food Science 2022


Dairy science emphasized the essential sciences that underpin foodstuff manufacture and dairy production management. They included specific detail on the character of dairy products, milk, cream, butter and related fat products, fermented milk products like cheese and yogurt, dried and concentrated products, frozen products, and dairy desserts, and therefore the industrial technologies in manufacturing dairy foods and in managing production. Basic science courses in dairy production programs include chemistry, biochemistry, animal biology, plant biology, and microbiology, with specialist courses including dairy cow evaluation, genetics and breeding, physiology of reproduction, physiology of lactation, ruminant nutrition, ration formulation, forages and pastures, and dairy management. 

·         Dairy Products
·         Chemistry and Technology of Milk and Dairy Products
·         Trends in Dairy science
·         Quality Control and Management of Dairy Products
·         Analytical Methods in Dairy Science
·         Dairy Science in Food Business
·         Dairy Science and Associated Diseases

 Animal Nutrition
Animal Nutrition deals with nutritional benefits on consumption of dairy products genetically modified animal nutrition, meats and fish and also a neighbourhood view to farm environment.