Damilola O. Seyi-Amole

, Lutheran Hospital Fort Wayne Indiana, United States
Title : Evaluation of Growth and Cereulide Production by Bacillus cereus Isolated from Cooked Rice



Damilola is currently a Microbiologist at Lutheran Hospital Fort Wayne Indiana, where she has been since 2018. She serves as a technical resource to medical laboratory technician staff in the microbiology department. Prior to coming to Lutheran Hospital, she was a Lecturer at Lagos State Polytechnic Nigeria. She earned her Ph.D. in Microbiology and Master of Science in Industrial Microbiology at The University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

Her research focuses on understanding the microbiology and technology of bioprocessing raw materials (and their constituents) into bio-products through process design, system optimization and model development. Microbial strain development through physiological, genetic and molecular procedures. Recently her work is focused on the physiology and biochemistry of microorganisms and their metabolites of industrial, medical and environmental concern.

She is a recipient of INSA-JRD TATA Fellowship (Centre for International Co-operation in Science (CICS), India). She is also a member of American Society of Microbiology (ASM), American Clinical Pathology (ASCP), Science Association of Nigeria and the Nigerian Institute of Management(NIM).   

Damilola is blessed with her partner, a Public Health Scientist, their two sons and a daughter. Apart from being a Microbiologist, Damilola is an Entrepreneur & a lover of Jesus. She is passionate about discovering and fulfilling purpose while breaking limits irrespective of barriers and location.