Food Science 2021

Jasminka Z Ilich

Professor , Florida State University , USA, USA


Jasminka Z Ilich is the Hazel Stiebeling Professor of Nutrition at the Florida State University. She has earned her PhD at the Ohio State University and the University Of Zagreb, Croatia in Medicinal Sciences and her MS at the University of Utah in Foods and Nutrition. Her research includes clinical studies in older women with nutritional interventions incorporating behavioral modification and modes of physical activity for augmentation of bone and body composition. She has recently identified a triad incorporating bone loss, muscle loss and adipose tissue expansion and termed it “osteosarcopenic obesity syndrome”. Recently, she started investigating the newly discovered hormone irisin, in connection with brown-fat, beige-fat activation. Her research also includes outreach to underserved communities for education and health promotion interventions to foster obesity prevention, improvement in cardiovascular risk factors and overall healthier lifestyle. On the molecular level, she investigates nutritional influences on mesenchymal stem cell differentiation into osteoblasts and adipocytes lineages and cross-talk with myocytes.

Research Interest

Dr. Ilich’s research scope spans through several modalities: basic, in mesenchymal stem cells investigating nutritional influences on osteoblast (bone forming cells) and adipocyte lineages; translational, in animal models with feeding studies and mechanical loading, as well as investigating bioavailability of calcium, magnesium, and zinc and their competitive interaction during absorptive processes; clinical trials, including nutritional interventions in human subjects incorporating behavioral modification and modes of physical activity to investigate the effects of various life-style modifiers (nutrition, physical activity), on bone health and body composition (lean and muscle tissue); outreach, including education and health promotion in underserved communities.