Virtual Conference
Food Science 2022

Domenico Iannelli

Agricultural Sciences at the University of Naples, Italy


Domenico Iannelli year of Birth 1935, Graduation in Agricultural Sciences at the University of Naples (Italy) “Federico II”. University assistant at the above University. Winner of a scholarship from UNESCO works on blood group serology (Helsinki; Finland). Winner of a Fulbright US scholar program, he registers as graduate student at the University of Madison (Wisconsin). Winner of a permanent position as assistant professor at the University “Federico II” and obtain a sabbatical to finish his training in Immunogenetics. Works in molecular immunology at the Toronto Western Hospital (Canada) and the Pasteur Institute (Paris France). He wins the chair of Immunogenetics at the University “Federico II”. As visiting professor at the University of Yale (New haven), works on molecular immunology. Retired from active service in 2010, he continues to work as host at the laboratory of Immunology “Federico II” on the genetics of human metabolic diseases. The title of the manuscript submitted today is “Gut microbiota- host genes interactions”.

Research Interest